Denver, CO (August 8, 2023) – Media consultancy Paragon announces a rebranding of the company including a streamlined name, new website, and new email addresses. The company is simply named “Paragon” now, which completes an evolution from Surrey Research in 1981 to Paragon Research in 1988 to Paragon Media Strategies in 2001. Paragon’s new website URL is www.TeamParagon.Consulting, which features content from client stations and emphasizes the Team Paragon consulting approach that now defines the company.

Paragon Founder and CEO Mike Henry commented, “We have experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years in clients, revenue, and staff size. Paragon is now up to 14 people including nine consultants. We’ve gone from me as the Lone Ranger to a team of Power Rangers!”

Henry continued, “Most people refer to us as ‘Paragon,’ so we’re going with the flow. The new website URL and email addresses lean into the Team Paragon approach that now defines us. None of this could be possible without our clients and unsurpassable team members, six of whom have been with me for well over 20 years. It’s been a long, strange trip, and it’s not over yet.”

The new website was constructed by AirKast.

In addition to the new URL, www.TeamParagon.Consulting, everyone now has new “TeamParagon.Consulting” email addresses—

Mike Henry, CEO: Mike@TeamParagon.Consulting

John Stevens, COO & Consultant: John@TeamParagon.Consulting

Sandy Chlumsky, CFO: Sandy@TeamParagon.Consulting

Jordan Lee, Music Content Consultant: Jordan@TeamParagon.Consulting

Bob Waugh, Music Content Consultant: Bob@TeamParagon.Consulting

Israel “Izzi” Smith, News Content Consultant: Izzi@TeamParagon.Consulting

Michelle Conrad, Digital Consultant: Michelle@TeamParagon.Consulting

Michele Tharp, Marketing Consultant: Michele@TeamParagon.Consulting

Jasper Logan, Community Engagement Consultant: Jasper@TeamParagon.Consulting

Zach Gilltrap, Production Consultant: Zach@TeamParagon.Consulting

Rachel Askelson, Music Director: Rachel@TeamParagon.Consulting

Sara Schueller, VP/Research: Sara@TeamParagon.Consulting

Simone Lowin, Research Services Director: Simone@TeamParagon.Consulting

Dave Xaviers, Field Director: Dave@TeamParagon.Consulting

About Paragon 

Paragon is a consulting and research firm specializing in innovative content for broadcast and digital media.   Paragon expertise includes content creation, marketing, branding, media start-ups, new business models, market share, strategic planning, and creating healthy company culture. Click here to learn more about Team Paragon with over 400 years of combined experience.

Website: www.TeamParagon.Consulting







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