Join us for “What Now Conversations”

Session 2: How might we (as stations, NPR, and other content providers, and as leaders shaping the culture of our organizations) appeal to new audiences who have many choices?

 Against intense competition, public radio is not alone in attempting to secure new audiences. Needs and wants of new audiences often differ from current audiences, making new audience development more challenging. Their needs differ on the time of day, what they’re doing (not us), and where they are consuming content. Their wants differ by the individual. What has your station done successfully for an audience meaningfully different than your broadcast listeners that others might try?


If you’d like to join this second conversation, send an email to Mike at Mike@TeamParagon.Consulting with the subject line “What Now”, and a topline response (2-3 sentences) to the question above. We’ll pick 2-3 responses to highlight and discuss on the Zoom.

Stay tuned for information on Session 3!