At this point, we know that social media is a necessary and powerful tool for radio stations to engage with their audience, promote content, build a loyal following and extend listenership into a digital space. My job is to help stations stay up to date with social media trends within their evolving strategies, which is vital for stations to remain relevant and maximize their impact. Here is part one of the latest social strategy trends and strategies for radio stations:

Authenticity: Authenticity continues to be the key to successful social media efforts. Be genuine in your interactions, share real-life moments, and let your station’s personality shine through in your content.

Video Content: Video content continues to dominate social media. Radio stations can create short video clips of interviews, live performances, or behind-the-scenes moments. Platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts are great for this purpose.

Live Streaming: Live streaming on Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and other streaming outlets such as NPR Live Sessions, allows radio stations to connect with their audience in real-time. Consider hosting live Q&A sessions, exclusive performances, or discussions on trending topics. This is a great way to serve your audience more personal content, bringing them into the lives and stories of hosts. Live streaming the studio (as boring as that seems) on your mobile app actually garners significant views and Nielsen data shows that higher station ratings can be linked to hours being streamed.

Interactive Stories: Utilize Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat to share quick updates, polls, quizzes, and interactive content. These features create a sense of urgency and encourage user engagement. Closing the gap by resharing answers also provides validation to those who participated, further solidifying your loyal community.

Personalities Belong on Social: Expand listener relationships and loyalty by allowing their DJ’s to shine on social to solidify that connection. Encourage DJ’s to lean into what feels organic to them in terms of content topics and bring people to social by on-air mentions.

Podcast Promotion: Use social media to promote new podcast episodes. Share teaser clips, host live discussions with podcast hosts, and encourage listeners to share their thoughts and questions. New research suggests that consumers consider podcasts to be audio or video, so don’t forget the camera.

User-Generated Content: Encourage listeners to create content related to your station. You can create challenges or contests and ask your audience to share their content using a specific hashtag.

Short-Form Content: Short-form content, like 15 to 30-second videos and catchy GIFs, performs well on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Create content that grabs attention quickly and conveys your station’s personality.

Social media trends evolve quickly, so it’s essential to stay adaptable and be willing to experiment with new ideas and platforms. Regularly assess your social media strategy’s effectiveness and adjust it based on the preferences and behaviors of your target audience. Stay tuned for more strategy trends for social in Part 2.

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