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Jordan Lee Returning to Radio Milwaukee as Senior Director of Programming

Lee will focus on innovation, attracting new listeners and enhancing music discovery

(Nov. 9, 2023) — WYMS Radio Milwaukee is pleased to announce the return of Jordan Lee to the station as senior director of programming, Executive Director Maxie Jackson announced Thursday.

Lee, a well-respected figure in the world of radio and a familiar voice to Milwaukee listeners, brings with him a wealth of experience and a passion for music discovery. He will lead the development of innovative products aimed at attracting new listeners, including to HYFIN — Radio Milwaukee’s Urban Alternative service — a digital platform found at and on 88.9FM HD2. Lee also will lead the development of Uniquely Milwaukee podcasts, as well as new live events aimed at enhancing music discovery, both in Milwaukee and nationally.

“We are thrilled to have Jordan Lee back at Radio Milwaukee for what is a new era for us all,” Jackson said. “His passion for music and dedication to our community align perfectly with our station’s mission. With Jordan at the helm, we look forward to delivering an even richer musical experience for the audiences we serve.”

Said Lee: “Radio Milwaukee has always held a special place in my heart, and I’m honored to be back in this new role. Music discovery is something I’m deeply passionate about, and I can’t wait to explore new horizons and find new ways to connect with our community.”

Lee first joined Radio Milwaukee in 2008 as morning show host and, three years later, moved to assistant program director before becoming program director and station director. In January 2022, he joined Paragon, for which he had previously served as a consultant, full time. Radio Milwaukee is a consulting client of Paragon.

At Paragon, Lee worked with some of the country’s top-performing non-commercial radio stations and, through Paragon’s work on the Urban Alternative initiative, was tapped by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to identify and report on their best practices, as well as the best practices of Radio Milwaukee.

Lee remains actively involved in radio consulting with Paragon and will continue to serve on the board of directors for the Public Media Content Collective (PMCC).

“Radio Milwaukee listeners can anticipate a fresh wave of music discovery as I focus on transformative growth for the station,” Lee said. “I’m deeply excited to be part of it.”

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About Radio Milwaukee

Radio Milwaukee (WYMS-88.9FM) has been a positive force for Milwaukee on air, online and in the community since its 2007 launch. Through its creative programming and content, non-commercial Radio Milwaukee utilizes a multimedia platform for creating a better, more inclusive and engaged community. 88Nine broadcasts and streams a unique blend of musical styles, including at least one song by a Milwaukee artist each hour, and short Uniquely Milwaukee stories that foster engagement and positive change. On 88.9FM-HD2 and, the station operates an Urban Alternative channel, HYFIN, that focuses on connecting with young, diverse audiences through the full spectrum of Black music. The organization runs a 24/7 all-Milwaukee music channel at online and 88.9FM-HD3 on-air. The award-winning station receives the great majority of its financial support from its 6,000 contributing members, more than 150 underwriters and 25 foundations. Learn more about Radio Milwaukee and stream the station at or via the Radio Milwaukee mobile app.

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