This past Friday, Mediabase announced updates to their “Published” Triple A panel, which includes non-commercial stations and Paragon clients KCSN “The SoCal Sound” Los Angeles, WTMD Baltimore, KUTX Austin and WYMS “88Nine Radio Milwaukee.” Also added were non-comms KEXP Seattle, WERS Boston, WYEP Pittsburgh, and WFPK Louisville. The additions are significant for both artists and music lovers, as they help to promote music diversity and new music discovery. Until recently, Triple A radio airplay from non-commercial stations was not as well represented in the Mediabase published panel. Historically BDS was the go-to for non-Commercial Triple A monitoring, but this past October, BDS pulled out of the radio monitoring game, leaving only Mediabase. This meant that many emerging artists and genres were not receiving the recognition and visibility they deserved. Ironically, the BDS retreat occurred while the Triple A format on public radio is experiencing unprecedented ratings gains. 

The recent updates to the Mediabase Published panel changed this, meaning that radio airplay from these stations will now be reported alongside commercial Triple A stations and other radio formats such as Alternative and Active Rock. 

Mediabase also added 11 new stations to the Triple A “Activator” panel, including six public radio stations: KVOQ “Indie 102.3” Denver, WNXP Nashville, KCLC St. Louis, KRCL Salt Lake City, KJAC “The Colorado Sound” Ft. Collins, and WDSE Duluth (MN). 

The addition of these non-commercial stations is significant for promoting music diversity and new music discovery. Non-commercial Triple A stations strive to play more new and underground artists as well as genres that might not receive airplay on mainstream radio. By including these stations in the Mediabase Triple A panels, music lovers now have access to a wider range of artists and genres, making it easier to discover new music that they might not have otherwise come across. To quote Daniel Glass, CEO of Glassnote Records, “From a mess to the masses”. 

The updates to the Mediabase Triple A panels provide emerging artists with a greater opportunity to gain recognition and build their fanbase. By including radio airplay from non-commercial Triple A stations that break new artists, sell more tickets, increase streams, and develop the sound of local communities. This can help them attract the attention of industry professionals and grow their career. 

Overall, the updates to the Mediabase published panel are a positive step forward for promoting music diversity and new music discovery. By including taste maker non-commercial stations in the tracking system, music lovers have access to a wider range of artists and genres, while emerging artists have a greater opportunity to gain recognition and build their fanbase. These updates help to ensure that the music industry remains vibrant, diverse, and accessible to all.

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