Operating in the entertainment capital of the world, The SoCal Sound in Los Angeles is exactly what their name implies. The music is decisively Southern California, spanning Laurel Canyon ‘70s classic rock, ‘80s and ‘90s classic alternative, and ‘00s to today indie rock, alternative, singer-songwriter, and soul in a bold mix that includes local bands. Their listeners include vocal supporters such as Paul McCartney (unexpectedly phoned in from his car!), Ringo Starr (came in for a rare sit-down interview), Jackson Browne and late Tom Petty, both of whom have performed benefit concerts to support The SoCal Sound. They don’t just play rock stars, their market vet hosts are as well: Nic Harcourt and Jet in mornings, music director Julie Slater in middays, Matt Pinfield in afternoons and program director Mookie at night. Each weeknight, Byron Gonzalez curates Bilingual Sounds, which extends to America’s only 24/7 Latin Alternative streaming public radio station. Broadcasting at 88.5 FM on two frequencies covering north to south SoCal, intrepid general manager Patrick Osburn leads a world-class staff worthy of market #2.